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Welcome to the tourist tax Electronic Filing platform of the City of Châtel

As of June 1, 2009, the City Council has changed to an actual tourist tax instead of a fixed price tourist tax.

It represents a municipal willingness for a more just implementation that better matches the reality. Over 90% of winter and summer sports resorts apply the tourist tax at their establishments.

Why an Electronic Filing tool? And how?

After a full year of halting the collection of the tax and upon requests from proprietors regarding the tax collection process, we are pleased to make available this new Electronic Filing tool to assist and facilitate your efforts throughout the year.

Electronic Filing is simply the dematerialization of the current procedure in order to reduce your efforts.

A simple procedure


I declare

Every month, I inform the platform of the number of nights collected.

I receive my summary statement

At the end of the collection period I receive my summary statement by mail.

I make my payment

I send my payment along with my summary statement to the Mairie, Taxe de séjour service.

The service will send me my receipt.

Who should pay the tourist tax?

Pursuant to Article L.2333-29 of the General Code of Local Authorities (CGCT) that tax is paid by people who are being charged a rental fee, who are not community residents and who do not own a residence for which they would be liable for the residence tax.
All establishments that welcome the persons defined above collect it.

Collection periods

The tax is collected throughout the year. The latter is divided into two periods of collection :

  • From October 1 to April 30 for fall / winter rentals
  • From May 1 to September 30 for spring / summer rentals


By resolution of September 24, 2016, the City of Châtel established the following rates per person per night :

Type of Accommodation Rates in € / night / person
4 and 5 star Hotel / 4 and 5 star tourist rentals and furnished accommodation / All establishments with similar characteristics 2,00 €
3 star Hotel, 3 star tourist rentals and furnished accommodation. / All establishments with similar characteristics 1,50 €
2 star Hotel, 2 star tourist rentals and furnished accommodation / High standard holiday villages / All establishments with similar characteristics 0,90 €
1 star Hotel, 1 star tourist rentals and furnished accommodation / Good standard holiday villages / All establishments with similar characteristics 0,75 €
3 and 4 star campgrounds and trailer parks / All outdoor sleeping accommodation of equivalent characteristics 0,55 €
1 and 2 star campgrounds and trailer parks / All outdoor sleeping accommodation of equivalent characteristics 0,20 €
Resorts 0,45 €
Unclassified accommodation 0,80 €

Unclassified accommodation collect tax at the same level as the 2 star accommodation.
Vacation vouchers are not accepted for payment of the tourist tax.


  • Minors
  • Holders of a seasonal employment contract in the concerned commune
  • Persons in emergency accommodation or temporary housing


Since 01/01/2015, it is no longer possible to benefit from reductions on tourist tax. Holders of the “familles nombreuses” card are no longer eligible for reductions.

Proprietor responsibilities

You are required to display the tourist tax rates (downloadable documents found under "Reference documents") and have it appear on the customer's invoice, separate from your own fees. The actual tourist tax is not subject to the VAT.

Pursuant to Article L.2333-37 CGCT, you are required to collect the tourist tax and pay on the scheduled dates (see "When to pay the tourist tax?").
Pursuant to Article R.2333-50 CGCT, you must keep a record, designated by the term "proprietor registry" specifying :

  • the number of people subject to the tax
  • length of stay
  • the number of exempt persons and the reasons for reduction or exemption
  • the amount of tourist tax levied

The proprietor registry shall not contain any information concerning the civil status of persons subject to the tourist tax.
Professional or occasional proprietors are required to report the lease to the City Council within 15 days after the commencement thereof (Article R.2333-51 CGCT).

Under Articles R.2333-57 and R.2333-67 CGCT the client liable for the tourist tax who disputes the amount of the fee must first pay the fee in full. The person can either enter a pre-claim with the City of Châtel for a ruling on the claim or appeal directly to the District Court.

How to make a declaration ?

To pay the collected tax, declare, every month, the number of overnight stays in your establishment prior to the 15th of the following month.

To make this as simple as possible, you can very quickly make your statements on this website using your personal identifiers.

If you can not declare online, mail us the paper form prior to the 10th of the following month as well as a complete copy of your proprietor registry to the following address: Mairie de Châtel – Service Patrimoine - 109 route du Centre - 74390 CHÂTEL

If you did not host any tourist in your establishment in the past month, you must make an online declaration of 0 or a paper statement of "nil" for those who opted for a paper return.

How to make a payment ?

You will receive a summary statement at the end of each reporting period, in PDF format by email for website users or by mail for those who submit their statements by mail.

Sign and send the summary statement to Mairie de Châtel - Service Patrimoine- 109 route du Centre - 74390 Châtel.
You can pay either :

  • In person, with the Service Patrimoine M-F (except Wednesday) mornings only from 9am to 12pm.
  • By check made payable to "Régie communale- Taxe de Séjour" and sent to the above address.
  • By bank transfer to the Perception d’Abondance with the following bank account number :
10071 74000 000020000457 48
Iban : FR76 1007 1740 0000 0020 0045 748

After payment you will receive a receipt either by email in PDF format for users of the website or by mail.

What happens if a proprietor does not declare nor pay the tourist tax ?

Two series of sanctions are provided for by law as well as the methods of control implemented by the administrative authorities :

Article 2333-55
« Pursuant to Article L.2333-39, the mayor and officers commissioned by him/her to conduct the state audit provided for under the second paragraph of Article R.2333-50. To this end they may request documentation and records relating thereto from proprietors and hotels. »

The penalties are twofold: financial and criminal.

Article R.2333-56
« Any delay in the payment of tax proceeds as provided by Article R2333-53 gives rise to the application of an interest equal to 0.75% per month late. This indemnity results in the issuance of a revenue bond sent by the mayor to the tax collector. »

If a proprietor refuses or fails to make a declaration, despite a friendly reminder and a first warning, there will be an automatic taxation.

Article R.23333-58
« Any proprietor, who has not collected the tourist tax or who has not complied with any requirements relating to the second paragraph of article R.2333-50 shall be punished by a fine stipulated for 2nd class violations. »

In case of recidivism, the fine may reach 3000 €. Article 131-13 of the Penal Code.

These offenses are reported by police officers, including mayors and tax authority officials.

Are monthly renters liable to pay the tax ?

Yes, if your accommodation is only considered a seasonal vacation residence and tenants are considered vacation tourists.

No, if your accommodation is "mixed" (seasonal and annual) and if you can show (proof) that your client stays for work training, temporary employment (seasonal workers) or permanently, and therefore the accommodation is liable for residence tax.

What happens if your establishment is closed ?

You must declare the period of closure of your establishment at the beginning of each season.
To declare it, you can :

  • Either enter it on the platform in your establishment account under the "Closure" tab.
  • Or contact Miss Mary Dutruel by email or by phone


The services of the Mairie de Châtel are at your disposal to support you and help you in setting up and collecting the tourist tax.
For questions about the tourist tax, contact Ms. Mary Dutruel.
By e-mail :
By phone : 04 50 73 99 62
Every day from Monday to Thursday from 8:30 to 12:00 and 13:30 to 17:30 and Friday from 8:30 to 12:00 and 13:30 to 16:00, no appointment necessary.

Mandatory reporting of guesthouses and furnished accommodation

Any person who offers, a seasonal or permanent rental, one or more furnished rooms at the proprietors residence or a furnished accommodation (furnished house, apartment or studio) to accommodate tourists must make a prior declaration with the City of Châtel, with return receipt requested. This measure provided for in Article L324-1-1 of the Tourism Code is based on Article 24 of the Act (No. 2009-888) of July 22, 2009 for the development and modernization of tourist services.
Furnished tourist accommodation must necessarily include a written seasonal rental contract, which indicates the price charged and contains a description of the premises. Recall that furnished houses, apartments or studios are classified as furnished tourist accommodation, for the exclusive use of the tenant, for short-term guests characterized by a daily, weekly or monthly rental and which are not residences. In contrast, the guesthouses are furnished rooms at the proprietor’s residence to accommodate tourists, for one or more nights, coupled with services.

Declaration Form for a furnished tourist accommodation (cerfa No. 14004*02)
Declaration Form for a guest-house (cerfa No. 13566 * 02)
Act No. 2009-888 of July 22, 2009, JO of July 24, 2009